Mission: Develop robust and sustainable IT solutions and business relations

Founded in 2004, Mandaliya Software is a web design and development company. Located in India, we are a team of developers, designers, and programmers who are passionate about leveraging technology to develop robust, lasting, and sustainable IT solutions, and who are committed to maximizing value for our clients in several industries across the globe.


Transparency . Integrity . Collaboration

Our core values enshrined diversity, transparency in communication, and a focus on collaborative effort amongst all stakeholders. You will find our team committed right from the start to open communication, cooperation, and collaboration to ensure that our clients get what they need at a price that makes sense.


USA . UK . Canada . Australia . Germany . Russia

Our clientele spans India, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany and Russia. Our commitment to innovation has allowed us to develop ideas and products that have resulted in technology-intensive transformations, and met the most stringent of international quality standards.


Jaydeep Mandaliya Co-founder

Jaydeep has had more than 10 years of experience within the IT industry. He has always had a passion for the field and has been learning since a very young age. He developed his very first application software when he was 14 and since then has had a vast amount of experience in software, web, testing tools, security standards, and encryption technologies.

Jaydeep is quality oriented and works extremely hard. Before co-founding Mandaliya Software, he was involved in development of software application including POS Systems, Accounting and Utility Software, and Customized Web Application Systems.

Alpesh Mandaliya Co-founder

Alpesh Mandaliya, the co-founder of Mandaliya Software, is a highly motivated individual with an unmatched devotion for hard work and moving forward. Alpesh has an experience of over 10 years in the IT industry. Before co-founding Mandaliya Software, Alpesh was a System Architect and led the ERP development team. He has a degree in computer application.

Alpesh is a result oriented professional, with a passion for self-learning, and thus, he was able to quickly adapt to his current role in Mandaliya Software, as a business development and customer relationships lead.


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