Looking for services in the field of web application or website development? Rely on Mandaliya Software for the best in class services in the following areas:

  • API Implementation
    e.g. Payment Gateway APIs, Google Maps API, and Facebook API (Complex Level)

  • Custom Web Development
    e.g. B2B Portal, Educational Portal

  • Social Media Apps Development
    e.g. Facebook App

  • Web Application Development
    e.g. Model Booking Application, Real Estate Website

  • Web Service Development
    e.g. Web Services for Mobile Apps, Feed Distribution Web Service

How We Work

We use the best programming practices, standards, coding guidelines, and structured framework programming to give you the best service possible. The programming landscape is constantly changing with the ever-advancing technology. Therefore, we evaluate the latest trends constantly to remain ahead of competition.

We start our work by having a chat with our clients and determining what is needed by them. We then build a prototype for them to show them how the actual web application is going to look like. After this, there will be a series of steps, where we will incorporate the best design and coding in order to make the desired application.

Why We Stand Out

We keep a close connection with our clients throughout the process to ensure that they remain up to date with whatever is happening with the design and development of the web application. We also use the latest technology and the best framework in order to give our clients the best possible service. Our primary focus is to make our clients stronger and far more competitive without them having to worry about a thing.

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